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Kawasaki's best selling Sport Tourer Ninja 1000 SX

Kawasaki's best selling Sport Tourer Ninja 1000 SX
17 Aug
Written by Jonathan Hughes

2021 Kawasaki updated the Ninja with additional technology

Kawasaki's best selling Sport Tourer Ninja 1000 SX is a phenomenal success and I was thrilled to ride it for the first time ever in its all-new configuration.
In 2020 Kawasaki updated the Ninja with additional technology such as cruise control, quickshifter and a full colour TFT dash.

The inline-four engine of the Ninja is very linear, resulting in power everywhere in the range, thanks to its flat curve.
The result is lots and lots of fun. It never feels like it's missing a step with abundance of power in the mids.
It's also quite flexible, the Ninja in fact can be left in 4th or 5th even at low speeds and it will happily pull away when asked to.
But if you make your way to the 11,000 rpm red line you've got just about 140 bhp at your disposal to fulfill all your sporty needs.
The riding modes (Sport, Road, Rain) are well spaced out. While power modes (Full, Low) do exactly what you would expect.
An additional custom Rider mode can be selected from the settings that will allow you full customisation along with disabling traction control.

Fully adjustable suspensions at the front will let you set up the bike for your preferred riding style. But there's still no semi active suspension option to be added on like there is on the Adventurer Versys SE.
At the rear the adjustable shock makes the Ninja handle the best out of the nastier bumps, especially at low speed.
The seat now is bigger and it seems like you're sitting a little higher giving you more room to move around and handle the 235kg Ninja easier.
The Tokico brakes offer great stopping power and there's also cornering ABS that will help keeping you in line.

At just £11,499 the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX is the complete package. A fun comfortable sporty-tourer and a fast exciting commuter. If I could have it my way I would choose the Tourer versions that adds more touring capabilities for the true road eater.
Demos are now available at Bolton Motorcycles, come check them out.

Gianluigi Mango
Kawasaki's best selling Sport Tourer Ninja 1000 SX
Kawasaki's best selling Sport Tourer Ninja 1000 SX
Kawasaki's best selling Sport Tourer Ninja 1000 SX

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