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Moto Guzzi offers something in the middleweight Adventure bike class V85 TT

Moto Guzzi offers something in the middleweight Adventure bike class  V85 TT
04 Aug
Written by Jonathan Hughes

Gianluigi Mango GM MOTO Vlogger

Moto Guzzi offers something in the V85 TT that cannot be found in any other middleweight Adventure bike.
It's the retro galore combined with that Italian charm that automatically makes you fall in love all over again.
No, I'm not just saying it because I'm Italian! The V85 TT is purely a stunning looking motorcycle. The Aquila di Mandello made bike has really high quality finishes. But it's also functional and to my surprise a lot of fun to ride.

It all starts with the engine. The 853 cc V-Twin Air Cooled unit is very unique. It makes just about 76 horsepower and 82 nm of torque, but this one is available at just 5000 rpm. Not only the noise coming from the exhaust pipe is amazing. But it's the vibration that comes through to make the ride very engaging.
It almost feels like this bike came straight from the 70's. But of course it didn't, the electronics are right there to remind you.
I love how the power comes through and the six-speed gearbox is also smooth to operate. Although it doesn't shine as much when pushed very high, the low-mid range is very enjoyable.
I found myself always engaging the higher gears at times. Just so I could enjoy that nice torque and vibe that comes through. Vibrations are there, but they are not overly exaggerated and didn't annoy me over time. I actually welcomed them as a sign of pure character from an otherwise refined machine.

It's packed with electronics which is very unexpected from a bike of this class.
Five riding modes mean even the most accomplished riders will find something to set their pulse racing (as stated by Guzzi).
I kind of agree, Road mode seemed full-on while the other ones were just tamed enough to put the less experienced at ease.
There's also ride by wire, cruise control, traction control and double channel ABS. It's all displayed in the colourful TFT dash and it's easy to use with intuitive buttons on the handlebars and switchable modes are selected by pressing the ignition button (how very Italian!).

Ride quality and comfort are very good. In fact the seat is well padded and comfortable. Mirrors are a little tiny and so is the stock windshield. But you could change that straight away for a more touring oriented one.
As standard this beautiful machine comes with panniers and this gorgeous colour scheme called Evocative.
Not only that but the suspensions feel high quality too. At the front there is a 41mm upside-down hydraulic telescopic fork, with adjustable extension and
spring preload. And at the back there are twin shocks with adjustable extension and spring preload also.
Overall the ride is very plush and comfortable with the stock setting, but as it's fully adjustable you can dial in the bike to match your riding style.
Brakes are decent also, at the front there's a dual disc set-up with radial Brembo calipers. While at the back there's a single disc, floating 2 pistons caliper.
The weight in running order is 230 kg exactly, but it's distributed pretty well. I found it very easy to ride along Rivington with very little effort and although I would have preferred a 17" front wheel, the 19" (front) 17" (rear) set-up isn't so bad afterall. It goes without saying that Guzzi wanted to make the V85 TT more off-road focused. The wheels are cross spoked and tubeless also.

Other than that, the 830mm seat height makes it very accessible and for many riders this will help at low speeds and handling it in traffic.
To finish up the nicely shaped tank has a capacity of 23 litres which is more than enough to get on with your adventure.

The Moto Guzzi V85 TT is a very exciting motorcycle and without surprise it was snatched away as soon as the guys at Bolton Motorcycles put it up for sale.
You can keep up to date by visiting the Bolton Motorcycles used bike section on their website so you don't miss out next time.

Gianluigi Mango
Moto Guzzi offers something in the middleweight Adventure bike class  V85 TT
Moto Guzzi offers something in the middleweight Adventure bike class  V85 TT
Moto Guzzi offers something in the middleweight Adventure bike class  V85 TT

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