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ROYAL ENFIELD CONTINENTAL GT 650 Scorpion sound check and ride

ROYAL ENFIELD CONTINENTAL GT 650 Scorpion sound check and ride
31 Mar
Written by Jonathan Hughes



Royal Enfield made a mark in the retro world when they announced their 650 twins.
Honestly if I could keep this Continental GT 650 - I would! In fact when I gave it back, the guys at Bolton Motorcycles could tell just how much I enjoyed it. It just makes you happy!
The 650 parallel twin engine with its lovely throaty sound rumbles along with a rock & roll attitude and no, it's not the fastest retro bike you can buy of course. Making only 47 horsepower, it can be as lazy as you want but there's also something at the very top to keep you excited.
This café racer is one of the comfiest I've ever ridden. The seating position is quite neutral and the seat is well padded. The clip-on style handlebars are raised just enough so you don't hang over them, helping you on your motorway journey as the wind pushes you up. The pegs are further back-mids that allow for better control on long bends.
It feels very agile despite weighing 202kg wet. A weight that you don't feel at all, even at low speeds, though it isn't the lightest at moving around on foot.
The lighweight feel continues even on higher speeds, changing direction very quickly. This is thanks to the suspensions set-up, although quite budget, it is a little bit harder than you'd expect, compared to the Interceptor 650.
I personally prefer it, but you can always adjust the preload to your taste and riding style.
The analogue classic-looking clocks are simple, showing you basic information, but lacking most of the tech from even the cheaper adventurer Himalayan.
The brakes ByBre are actually better than you think, there's quite a good bite to them if pulled firmly. There's more than enough stopping power for everyday riding.
Amongst many accessories you can get from the Royal Enfield catalogue, there's a couple I would add straight away.
Touring mirrors are a must, as the stock ones are good for half of what you really need to see behind you. Also a nice tinted screen and a touring seat or maybe a solo café racer looking seat and seat cowl to complete the rocky look. If that's what you're after.
The starting price of the Royal Enfield Continental GT is £6,099 available in Rocker Red, which I love. And it goes all the way up to £6,599 if you choose the all-chrome Mister Clean colours.
This isn't just a stylish café racer. This is the best value for money, one of the best selling bikes in the UK and one of very few bikes that I didn’t want to hand the keys back to the guys at Bolton Motorcycles.
That's why you need to take it out for a test ride and experience it for yourself.

Gianluigi Mango
ROYAL ENFIELD CONTINENTAL GT 650 Scorpion sound check and ride
ROYAL ENFIELD CONTINENTAL GT 650 Scorpion sound check and ride
ROYAL ENFIELD CONTINENTAL GT 650 Scorpion sound check and ride

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