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The BMW S1000R is without a doubt: fast, focused and furious!

The BMW S1000R is without a doubt: fast, focused and furious!
18 May
Written by Jonathan Hughes

It's tough to argue with value for money this bike has to offer.

The BMW S1000R is without a doubt: fast, focused and furious!

I always wondered what it would be like to ride a top of the line supernaked bike. Thanks to Bolton Motorcycles and their incredible diverse stock, I was able to enjoy a fairly dry ride on an otherwise very wet month.

Is it comfortable?
Not only is the Beamer blazing fast but it was very comfortable too. Although the riding position was aggressive enough that I ended up pushed almost sportsbike-forward, the foot controls are in a fairly relaxed position. I didn't expect such comfort; I liked it. Contributing to the pleasant ride I had on this supernaked bike.
The seat is huge and very well padded. This particularly helped on the motorway where I was looking to change my position for better wind protection. But there's little you can actually do about that. The stripped-naked look of this bike doesn't help at all on fast straight roads. Infact I struggled a bit keeping my head still and in place. Thankfully BMW offers a screen and there's also plenty of aftermarket options that will improve wind protection.
Push it hard and you can feel just how refined this engine actually is. There was no nasty vibrations of any kind, unless I pushed it really hard. Only then I could feel some of those little vibrations come through the controls.
Mirrors look nice and minimal on the S1000R, but you can only see about 30% of what's going on behind you. Again this is another quick and easy thing to fix/change if you had this bike.
Overall I was impressed comfort wise. Even though I was pushed down on the bars a bit, this wasn't at all extreme. Infact I quite enjoyed its focused and aggressive nature.

Superbike handling!
The BMW S1000R is certaintly no joke. With top of the line specs it gives away nothing to its competitors.
At the front of the bike the 48mm Sachs forks are fully adjustable but also semi-active in the Sport version. At the rear instead there's a single fully adjustable Sachs shock, also in DDC form for the Sport version.
So how does that actually feel? Is it too harsh on the road? Perhaps in stock form the ride can be a little bumpy and too firm.
But this bike is clearly not made to be ridden over bumps at low speeds. Infact you better work on your back strength and set those suspensions as best for the road ahead.
Otherwise it's actually thanks to its firmness that it steers crisply and feels very stable. It dives into corners with ease and stays there very composed.
It gives out lots of confidence especially knowing that there's huge stopping power available. Almost at the same level as the earliest superbikes.

Does it have enough power?
Shared with its superbike sibling, the engine is a four cylinder liquid cooled unit. It makes a bit less power than the S1000RR. But 160 hp at 11,000 rpm is nothing less than exillarating. Torque is 114 Nm at 9,250 rpm, most of it it's available at lower-mid range making it effortless for everyday down-to-earth riding.
Power modes are easy to switch between, Dynamic Pro is the sharpest and offers full power. Dynamic seemed smoother, while Road and Rain are the smoothest and most predictable. But they still manage to freak you out when giving it full beans!
I always found myself going back to Road mode most of the time, because of its ease of use on the streets. But if ever taken to the track, Dynamic modes are great for that.
The soundtrack is offered by the Akrapovič exhaust. The throaty note makes it one of the best sounding bikes and the optional up and down quickshifter adds on to the character and aggressivness of this supernaked S1000R.

While the base model gets two rider modes, stability control and fully adjustable suspensions. Sport adds two more rider modes, full traction control, cruise control, DDC suspensions and a couple more things. But in full BMW fashion there's a lot of optional you can add on top, like quick shifter and heated grips. Aftermarket accessories are also available. If I had it my way I would add a fly screen and proper rear sets.

It's tough to argue with value for money this bike has to offer. If you want the superbike thrill in a more comfortable setting, the S1000R is definitely one to seriously consider.
Now available at Bolton Motorcycles and I'm sure it won't last long!

Gianluigi Mango
The BMW S1000R is without a doubt: fast, focused and furious!
The BMW S1000R is without a doubt: fast, focused and furious!
The BMW S1000R is without a doubt: fast, focused and furious!

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