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Another Stunning Used Motorcycle, BMW R1250GS TE EXCLUSIVE

Another Stunning Used Motorcycle, BMW R1250GS TE EXCLUSIVE
23 Sep
Written by Jonathan Hughes

Just in and available


The most popular bike in the UK in 2019 across all categories. What an achievement, well deserved BMW!
The revised engine in 2019 gave the GS an extra grunt, with its clever Shift Cam technology. The power output increased from 123bhp to 136bhp.
This also makes it feel a little more torquey lower in the revs.
It's so easy to use, with a close to perfection throttle response and all the electronics you could ask for in 2020.
There are more than a few riding modes in this Executive TE version of the GS - dynamic being my favourite of all - especially when switching traction control off, this engine really comes alive. Despite its weight of well over 240kg, it never missed a beat. It felt agile, easy and fun to use on those country lanes.
Road and Rain modes are as smooth as butter for the occasional ride in town and there's also fully custom Pro modes to play around with. Last but not least, Enduro mode! Now we're talking BMW!
The best thing about this GS is definitely the comfort, hard to beat. The seat is basically an armchair and the suspensions are the equivalent of air suspension you can get in a car.
With self-levelling ESA and improved the DTC, which is always re-adjusting automatically keeping the bike level, the ride is truly impressive.
If you brake heavily into a turn it will increase damping at the front, same goes if you accelerate hard, increasing damping on the rear.
The Gearshift Assist Pro is smooth to operate, but only from the midrange and up, making it really easy to change gear without having to pull in the clutch.
But the really impressive gadget is the massive dashboard. Full of colours, swivel wheel operated, that's how it's done! It is the easiest to use and the most functional, there's even step-by-step navigation...what?!
What a treat it has been to get to ride this bike for a few days, huge thanks to Bolton Motorcycles.
I hope we all can grow old on a BMW R1250 GS!

Gianluigi Mango
Another Stunning Used Motorcycle, BMW R1250GS TE EXCLUSIVE
Another Stunning Used Motorcycle, BMW R1250GS TE EXCLUSIVE
Another Stunning Used Motorcycle, BMW R1250GS TE EXCLUSIVE

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