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Kawasaki's King of the Autobahn, H2 SX SE

Kawasaki's King of the Autobahn, H2 SX SE
07 Sep
Written by Jonathan Hughes

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This is Kawasaki's sport touring missile, the H2 SX SE. It is an amazingly versatile 1000cc supercharged machine equally capable of crossing countries and continents or a fun blast out round the twisties. This bike produces 197bhp and 101ft/lbs of torque but I found it so easy and unintimidating to ride for such a high powered machine.

This bike has been designed ergonomically to sit between Kawasaki's ZZR 1400 and their Z1000sx, being not as leant forward as the ZZR nor as upright as the Z1000sx. For me the riding position was quite comfortable for my 5'8'' 150lbs frame. Although it has an 835mm seat height I could easily get my feet down both sides thanks to the narrow design of the front part of the seat.

The ride was just as relaxed bimbling around the country lanes at 30mph as it was at motorway speeds. Supreme stability at high or low speeds inspired my confidence enabling me to experience, when needed, the exhilarating acceleration boosted by the supercharger. Smooth throughout the rev range from 5mph to the legal limit with no vibes at all, I could easily see myself riding all day without distraction from the sublime experience of riding this quality motorcycle.

With a 19ltr fuel tank and 45+ mpg riders from dedicated online forums are reporting up to 200 miles between fill-ups, proving that awesome performance and fuel economy are possible in the same package.

Aided by a plethora of technical initialisms, acronyms, rider aids and safety features the H2 SX SE instils a feeling of security enabling the rider to begin to explore its breathtaking boundaries.

KEBC- Kawasaki Engine braking Control, KECS - Kawasaki Electronic Controlled Suspension, KLCM - Kawasaki Launch Control Mode, KCMF - Kawasaki Cornering Management Function, KIBS - Kawasaki Intelligent Braking System, KTRC - Kawasaki Traction Control System. 5 axis IMU, 4 riding modes, etc..etc...

What a bike!

Kawasaki's King of the Autobahn, H2 SX SE
Kawasaki's King of the Autobahn, H2 SX SE
Kawasaki's King of the Autobahn, H2 SX SE

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