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My First Ride on a ZX-10R SE

My First Ride on a ZX-10R SE
29 Sep
Written by Jonathan Hughes

Kawasaki ZX-10R review

My first test ride on the Kawasaki ZX10r SE , I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with this electronic suspension. I have ridden most of the zx10r models and currently own the previous model known as the gen 4.
First impressions are good as it feels like my bike ..it fits like a glove ..
The weather isn't great so I'm taking it steady and it gives me a chance to play with the buttons, and the first button I want to play with is the active suspension 3 modes ..road ,track and manual.
Track mode stiffens the bike and you feel every bump it kinda feels like my standard zx10r 2015.
Road mode softens the ride but as you push on "apparently because remember it's wet ????" the bike adjusts itself to the way you are riding doing around a 1000 adjustments a second..Wow..
Manual is what it is, you can manually set up the bike and the bike will work around you.. voodoo..
We all no how quick shifters work and this one is silky smooth up and down... amazing ..love the auto blip..
There is so much more like launch control which I never played with , traction control ...Power modes .. engine braking control.. cornering ABS ..etc .. all the stuff I wish mine had..not to mention forged alloy wheels ..brembo brakes and master cylinder..
I won't be able to sleep tonight..I think I need to have a word with the Boss..I need one of these in my life ..just saying Verdict ..it's the best zx10r I've ever ridden ..I want one.
If you want to have a chat with me about the zx10r and the SE call me at the shop on 01204 491511.. I could rabbit on all night about this bike
Signing off Bob ♥️
My First Ride on a ZX-10R SE
My First Ride on a ZX-10R SE
My First Ride on a ZX-10R SE

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